Meet the members of our family: MOLLY,JAKE,BLU,ANNA and EMMA. These are the proud parents of our puppies. Let me introduce my fur babies,
MOLLY is a female, she weighs 10-12 pounds, she is quiet, loves cuddles, playing ball and is a very good Momma to her pups (she won't even let the Daddy around).

JAKE is a male, he is very playful and curious. He tries to see the puppies but momma won't let him.

BLU is a male, he is playful and quiet. He likes his alone time and is very loving. He is a good Daddy to his puppies.

ANNA is a female, she is "the baby".She likes to bark and to be cuddled. She is a very good momma.

EMMA is a female, busy and likes to play, she tries to be the Momma to Molly's puppies. This will be her first time breeding.

Family History:
Molly and Blu started our family. Then Emma and Anna joined, next came Jake. That completes are family at this moment. Pictures of our puppies are now posted !!!! Thank you for your intrest in making one of our puppies a part of your family.

A Note to Adopters
Meet our Fur Babies