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Let's Talk Potty Training

I know it can be hard and fustrating. It might seem like it isn't going to work. A few things to remember: As soon as they wake up they need to go out. At night if you sleep with them its easier because when they start moving around not able to stay still, they need to go out.  If you are a heavier sleeper then sleeping with them would be a bad idea. Using a crate at night is awesome! It keeps them safe and not to mention they can't get into things to chew up. Also its a good idea at night right before you go to bed make sure you take them out. When you get up for work you should let them outside. You also want them to stay out for more than 5 minutes, 20 minutes is more like it. They might pee right away, but sometimes it takes a little longer to go #2.  You could also use puppy pee pads and they work the same way. If and when you see them having an accident in the house . Show them what they did, with a mean voice tell them NO! Whatever training decision you decide to use do. Take them out to the same place outside or to the pee pad. When using a pee pad its going to take a little more effort. You are going to have to keep placing your puppy back on the pee pad everytime they walk off. Especially when you know they have to go. I don't know everything but this information should help you get started.

By purchasing a puppy not only do you get their love and companionship, you get to be their family.  While placing puppies in their furever home is our main focus, we can provide some educational information and awareness.  A lot of puppies depend on us and we depend on you. Contact us about picking a puppy and becoming a family.

Feeding Information

A lot of people don't know how much to feed their puppy. Therefore, they get over fed. This leads to obese dogs and health problems. Yes, even dogs can get health problems by overeating. I feed mine 1 cup of puppy food twice a day. The amount may vary. The age of your dog and the size will determine the amount of food you feed them. Now as they grow that might not be enough. Also, you don't want to feed your puppy to late. Stop their food and water around 6:00p.m. is a good idea. This helps with potty training as well.  I usually feed my dogs around 8-9:00a.m. and the last feeding around 5-6p.m. Also adding water to food to soften it helps the puppy not choke. I hope all this information helps you with your new family member.

Now Enjoy, Love and Make Memories!

Poodles +

Pure Bred Poodle breeder, Janice Patterson is dedicated to preserving the happiness and sanctity of our puppies. Committing ourselves and resources to finding furever homes for our puppies,  we connect loving people with loving pets.

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